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Twas the Month Before Christmas

Twas the Month Before Christmas

Twas the month before Christmas
And all through the town,
People were shopping
With nary a frown.

The lists were all written
By many small tykes,
For dolls, games and toys
And shiny new bikes.

The presents were purchased
For all to enjoy,
For Mom and for Dad
And for each girl and boy.

The houses were covered
In balsam and lights,
And all looked so lovely
On those long winter nights.

A house is a home
Of that there's no doubt,
It tells who we are
And what we're about.

We want it all perfect
We want it just so,
All safe cozy comfort
And a warm fire's glow.

But where do you find
Such a wonderful home,
A home to return to
Wherever you roam?

The answer is easy
To those in the know,
A full service REALTORĀ®
Is the best way to go.

When looking to find
The perfect abode,
Call one of our agents
They know the right road.

So now is the time
For starting that quest,
For finding that home
That suits you the best.

And now's the right time
To search Homes & Land,
To find your dream home
Exactly as planned.

Affordable prices
A rate that is great,
So start your search now,
Why would you wait?

A house that is perfect
As perfect can be,
A home on the bay side
Or a view of the sea.

So here are our wishes
For this time of year,
To bid all goodwill
And much Christmas cheer.

A holiday filled
With comfort and such,
A year that is joyous
There's never too much!

A holiday treasure
Of food, kin and friends,
With joy that continues
And never ends.

To you from us all
At our Homes & Land,
Don, Trish and Inna
And our merry band --

Our holiday message
Delivered with pride,
A wonderful season
To all far and wide!