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Wildwood Crest Homes for Sale

Wildwood Crest, NJ Homes for Sale

Wildwood Crest, New Jersey

Wildwood Crest, New Jersey is a shore resort community at the southernmost tip of New Jersey's barrier islands. The south and east side of the community offers views of the Atlantic Ocean, as well as free beach access. Wildwood beaches stretch for miles along the Jersey coast and are complemented by picturesque boardwalks, amusement park attractions and fishing piers. On the north and west side of town, the scenery includes Sunset Lake, Taylor Sound and Shaw Island. Jet skiing, fishing and other water sports are the most popular activities in Wildwood Crest, but just about any outdoor activity can be found during the summer tourist season.

Homes in Wildwood Crest, New Jersey

Although single family homes are definitely part of the Wildwood Crest real estate market, the resort character of the community makes condominiums a popular property investment.

Features and privacy drive prices in the Wildwood Crest real estate market. A single family newer home for sale in Wildwood Crest with good ocean views and luxury features can command one million plus. A more modestly appointed home of similar size lists in the middle $600's. Condominium living presents an entry level buyer with prices below $500,000. Some smaller older construction single family homes can be found for under $400,000.

Nearby Wildwood presents a similar range of real estate opportunities for the interested buyer. At the top end of the market, new construction homes with boating facilities list over the one million mark. Luxury condominiums with private beach access and other amenities can list for over two million. First time property buyers will also find practical choices in condominium living, with units beginning under $300,000. A careful search of the market will turn up modest, single family homes starting in the middle $300's.

Wildwood Crest Community Schools

The Wildwood Crest Boro School District currently serves over 300 students through a single school, the Crest Memorial Elementary School. Children in pre-kindergarten to eighth grade attend this public school and then go on to high school in nearby Wildwood City. A few private religious schools are available including Central Bible Academy, the St. Anne Regional School, and Wildwood Catholic High School. Colleges in the area include Atlantic Cape Community College in Cape Landing, NJ.

Business in Wildwood Crest, New Jersey

The Wildwood Crest business community is strongly influenced by the resort nature of the Cape May area. Hotels and restaurants are major employers. Vacation and resort rental properties also bring in a substantial amount of revenue for Wildwood Crest.

Wildwood Crest Real Estate Agents

Like most vacation and resort destinations, the Wildwood Crest real estate market yields its best values to a professionally trained Wildwood Crest REALTORĀ®. He or she will provide expert advice that serious buyers can turn to their advantage.