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Ocean City Homes for Sale

Ocean City, NJ Homes for Sale

Ocean City, New Jersey

Ocean City, New Jersey lies on the southern edge of the Great Egg Harbor Inlet, across from neighboring Margate. The community is a gateway to virtually every kind of fun that a person can have on or near the ocean, including sailing, swimming and surfing. Like Atlantic City, Ocean City has picturesque boardwalks lining the beaches; however if Atlantic City is the place to be for singles and couples, Ocean City presents a more family friendly atmosphere. Highlights include a family-oriented First Night, the Ocean City Giant Easter Egg Hunt and Weird Contest Week.

Homes in Ocean City, New Jersey

Homes for sale in Ocean City run the gamut of styles and luxury. Waterfront real estate in Ocean City markets for premium prices. Large, palatial homes that overlook the boardwalk and the white sand beaches routinely list over four million dollars. Homes for sale that look out over Great Egg Harbor list for approximately half as much as the ocean side homes. Homes that merely have good views of the ocean still list at the million dollar mark and above.

For more budget-minded buyers, the inland sections of Ocean City will yield older ranch style homes and refurbished Cape Cod homes in the high $500's. The Ocean City real estate market presents a similar range to home buyers. Real estate investors should expect to spend two million and up for a home on the waterfront. For first time home buyers and those looking for a practical vacation home, smaller Cape Cod style and ranch style homes enter the market in the mid $300's.

Marmora is a community a few miles east of downtown Ocean City, across Peck Bay. Homes for sale in Marmora are geared toward the modest home buyer. Very nicely appointed homes can be found in the real estate listings under $500,000.

Ocean City Community Schools

The Ocean City School District consists of three schools: Ocean City Primary School, Ocean City Intermediate School and Ocean City High School. A private Catholic school, Saint Augustine regional School, offers classes for kindergarten through eighth grade.

Business in Ocean City, New Jersey

Unlike Atlantic City, the businesses in Ocean City have striven to produce a family friendly atmosphere. Liquor is not available for sale in the city limits, and the town's many entertainments are definitely G-rated. Hundreds of small shops line the shopping districts, offering everything from beach food to designer clothing.

Ocean City Real Estate Agents

The real estate market in Ocean City, NJ has a lot of opportunities for the motivated buyer, but even the well-prepared buyer can benefit from the services of an Ocean City REALTORĀ®. Their first-hand knowledge of the community is an asset that no home buyer should be without.